As a portrait photographer and mom of two, I encourage moms in all stages of their motherhood journey, to take a pause from being in the chaos is motherhood and just focus being present in the moment. The unfiltered, crazy and beautiful moments. The most important moments in motherhood pass by way to quickly and I promise to document those moments through photograph so you have your most important memories captured so that they can be cherished long after those moments are gone.


Alysha Spencer Photography is committed to documenting your most important memories. Big or small your family moments are worth documenting, one day they will serve as your legacy that your great grandchildren will hold. 


Whether you are planning an intimate wedding or you want to document this time in your life with a portrait session, I believe your photography experience should capture genuine, timeless, joyful moments that will treasured for years beyond our time.


Photography is such an important part of my own motherhood journey. Our most important moments happen in the blink of an eye! The temper tantrums, the goofy smiles, the hugs, kisses and the tickle fights... these are the moments I want to treasure over and over.


Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy you are considering Alysha Spencer Photography for your next photography experience!