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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I am excited to write this post so you can all get to know me and all the crazy little things you will either love or hate about me. It is hard to really get to really know someone through social media. You get to see bits and pieces into my life but do you really know the real me? Quirks and all? Probably not. So I'm gonna get real with you all and share some of the things about me that my friends and family will with out a doubt agree is all me.
  1. But first, coffee! Ok this one is probably no big secret but seriously I can't start my day with out at least one, maybe two or even sometimes three cups of coffee!

  2. I am a complete and utter klutz. If I am not tripping up the stairs or dropping something you will definitely find me spilling some sort of food or drink on my clothes. I have actually given up on buying white tops lol.

  3. I swear like sailor! You call them swear words, I call them sentence enhancers.

  4. I LOVE to travel and I mean love it!! Take me anywhere that has palm trees, sunshine and slushy drinks. There is just something about travelling that gives me a feeling of euphoria. I love planning trips, sometimes I think I missed my calling as a travel agent, I get so much satisfaction hunting for flight and hotel deals.

  5. Naps! I would totally nap everyday if I could. Some days I definitely give in and nap when the kids do. But lately I have had too much on my to do list so I have really been utilizing their nap time to be productive (adulting sucks some times am I right?).

  6. I love rap/hip hop music! There is nothing better than jamming to some Lil Wayne while cruising with the windows down. 2000's R&B makes my heart happy lol. On a realistic note I do like other kinds of music (I secretly enjoy listening to Justin Beiber and Ed Sheeran). You wont find me switching to the country station when I drive but that doesn’t mean you wont find me line dancing to a classic country song at a wedding ;)

  7. I rewatch TV shows and movies because I miss the Characters (The OC brings back so many good feels for me)

  8. I took woodworking all throughout high school. If I wasn't doing photography I'm sure I would have started a small business making wooden furniture and such. If only I had more time for wood projects my house would be full of great pieces!

  9. I love to cook but I can never follow a recipe (unless its baking then it’s a must) I am one of those, a little splash of this and a pinch of that type cooks. The biggest downside is... I can never seem to replicate my best dishes.. oops.

  10. I graduated from Blanche MacDonald with a nail technician certificate! After a short time working in a salon I decided to pick up a camera again and the rest is history.

If you are still reading along, thanks for sticking it out!! I hope you enjoyed reading all about me and all my crazy ways. I'm already feeling inspired for another all about me post ;)

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