PASS Gallery Instructions

To access your images:

Please follow the link that was emailed to you to access your PASS gallery. Once PASS opens, it will prompt you to create an account or sign in through Facebook. You can choose either. Have no fear, if you choose Facebook, it will NOT post to Facebook what images you are downloading and such. It will ONLY share to Facebook if you CHOOSE to share to Facebook. If you choose to use your email to login, use this email address and create the password of your choice. Thats it! Easy right!? Once you are logged into your PASS Gallery account, the gallery will load a Pinterest style collage board of your images. You may have multiple categories in one gallery (for example Maternity Session and Newborn Session) To see ALL of your images simply click on the links on the header below the main photo. Use the heart icon to save photos as your favourites and use the arrow button to download photos. You will have the option to "download all" or download individual photos. (please note you will only be able to download all from your desktop, not on your mobile device) I encourage you to download ALL your images on your computer and back them up for safe keeping. Every one of your sessions with me can be found in this one gallery simply by clicking open the bars at the top of the page, if you are missing any of your sessions let me know and I can add those! You can share images right from the gallery via email to friends and family or directly to Facebook. If you are interested in prints or products you can order (but are limited so message me directly if you need help) directly from your gallery. Please note, that if you share the PASS Gallery link with the public, everyone will be able to access your folders/download your images. You can hide images by clicking on the eye icon and they will no longer be public. Lastly, here is some more information about PASS you may want to know: 1. You can view your photos from PASS on any computer, mobile device with or WITHOUT the internet. Just be sure to download the PASS GALLERY APP. You can find that here 2. You are able to download all of the images to any computer, iPAD, or smart phone. If you plan to print them however I recommend downloading them to a computer FIRST, as printing from a phone or iPAD could jeopardize your image quality. Please note you will only be able to download photos individually from your smartphone, you will need a computer to download all at once. 3. PLEASE download all of your images to at LEAST 1 other device. USBs, cds, hard drives or online storage to protect and back them up for safe keeping. If you forget, have no fear, your images will be safe in the “cloud” for at least 1 year. 4. I ENCOURAGE you to share your images DIRECTLY to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all within PASS. Simply click on an image to enlarge it, and on the right hand side, look for an icon menu featuring the social media icons to share your images right through PASS. By sharing right through PASS, you are ensuring that you are sharing your images at their highest quality and sharing them with the proper photo credit to keep all parties safe. 5. Prints!! You can order beautiful professional quality prints right through your very own PASS gallery. If you wish to order prints feel free to shoot me an email first and I will be happy walk you through placing an order :)

If you ever have any questions or concerns when trying to access your images please dont hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to help.

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