What is your back up plan if Social Media is poof gone | Your VA 4 a Day

So what would be your first thought if Facebook and Instagram disappeared tomorrow? Do you have a back up plan in place if by chance this was to happen for good this time?

Today we had a little taste of what it would feel like if our most used social media platforms disappeared! POOF!!! Facebook and Instagram both crashed for a significant amount of time today and it had me thinking... How many photographers out there don't have another way to access their customers and clients other than Facebook and/or Instagram? Do you have a client management system with all your clients contact info? Do you have a newsletter list that you can consistently connect with all your clients?

Even though I have other ways to connect with my clients, I still panicked!! As business owners we pour ALL our energy and efforts into social media. Maybe this was a good reality check that social media isn't the be all end all of our businesses.

I'll be honest. Even though I send my clients newsletters and I blog in my photography business, I know it is not always enough. I pour most of my energy into social media like Facebook and Instagram because that is usually where I get most of my engagement, that is where I connect with my peers and my clients, it's where I have great conversations with my favourite people. But today, I realized more than ever that I need to pour my efforts into the platforms that I can control and that is, the BLOG and the NEWSLETTER.

So who is with me? Who wants to put more efforts into their newsletter list and blog this week?

If this is you? Then I want you to do the following in these exact steps:

1. Join my brand NEW newsletter list for YOUR VA 4 A DAY!

2. I want you to go send ONE email newsletter campaign updating your clients

then write ONE blog post about either a past session or something comin

up that you are excited about.

If you need any help setting up your newsletter list or just don't know where to start then I would love to help. This is one of the services I am happy to offer here at Your VA 4 a Day. My goal with this business is to help other photographer mamas streamline their business workflows and systems to get more clients and more time back for the things they enjoy.

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